Laurel Grove Custom Painting

Laurel Grove Custom Painting Agreement

We are thrilled that you have chosen us to help you with your custom project.  In order to minimize discrepancies and maximize your delight with the end product, we have developed this agreement.  This document will guide our project.

Timelines and Working Together

Acceptance of custom work is based on availability of space and team members.  Laurel Grove maintains an active list of custom jobs that you will be added to once a project is discussed and a deposit is secured..  At that time, we will give you an estimate of when we will be able to accept your job.

During the period of time when you are waiting, we can discuss vision, colors, and plan.  As detailed below, we are willing to do as much work as required up-front to ensure your happiness with the end product.

We will call you when we are a week out from accepting your job and arrange a time for you to bring it to our shop.  We will also have an estimated completion date for you at this time.

When the piece is complete, we will contact you.  Due to restricted space, we request that you pick up the piece within 7 days.  After such time, we retain the right to charge a storage fee.

For an additional fee, we can also complete the project in your home.

Choosing a Color

Color can be very subjective.  Laurel Grove will work with you to determine your desired color.  A paint color consultation will be provided prior to project start to ensure that our team is on the same page as your vision.


We welcome, and encourage, sharing of inspiration photographs.  Have you seen a piece online that you love? Bring in a photo, and we can work from there.  If desired, Laurel Grove will create a “Secret Board” on Pinterest for each project. There, you and Laurel Grove can post photos and comment on things that you like.  All this can happen prior to starting on your project to ensure that we are in line with your vision.

Painting and Preparation


Any imperfections or flaws in the piece will be documented with photos prior to the project start.  


Thoroughly cleaning the piece is imperative.  You can save labor costs by thoroughly cleaning your piece prior to project commencement.  Laurel Grove reserves the right to charge a customer additional cleaning fees in the event that pieces are received in poor condition.

What Portions Will be Painted?

We do not paint the bottom, back or inside of a piece unless specifically requested.

It will be your decision if you’d like us to paint the bottom, back, or inside the piece.  If you decide you’d like these portions painted, it will increase the cost of project.


There are several options for hardware-and hardware can drastically change the look of the piece.  We will work with you to determine what you’d like. Options include: sourcing new hardware, updating existing hardware, or keeping the original hardware as is.  

If new hardware is chosen and drilling, hole filling, etc. is required, it will increase cost.

Top Coat

We finish all pieces with one top coat.    As part of your consultation, we will discuss finishing options and how they may impact the color and/or look of your piece.  Project base price is based on one color and one top coat, or finish. If you decide you’d like additional distressing or a specialty finish we can discuss the impact on the look of the piece as well as on the project cost.


Product Cost

All estimates include product cost.


50% of the estimated project costs will be due at the signing of this agreement, and will hold your place on our custom waiting list..  The remaining balance will be made at time of pick-up.


Once notified of completion, you have 7 days to pick up the piece.   If this presents a problem, please let Laurel Grove know ASAP. Each day after the 7 day pick-up window will incur a $35 storage fee.

If a piece is not picked up within 20 days of notification, Laurel Grove will claim ownership of the piece.



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